Pupil Premium

As a special needs School in a disadvantaged area, one of our funding channels comes from Pupil Premium. Introduced in 2011, The purpose of PPM is to address inequalities between children from low income families and their wealthier peers. This additional funding aims to tackle disadvantage by reaching those pupils who need it most. It is allocated to schools on the basis of children who are eligible for free school meals (FSM), Children of service families and children who have been looked after continuously for more than 6 months(LAC).

Pupil Premium 2014-15

Total Number on Roll186
Eligible for Pupil Premium80
Pupil Premium Grant (£)122,350
Looked after Children Grant (£)15,386


  • £250 was spent on the FSM eligibility checking service and the rest directly benefitted students
  • A small amount of the money received was allocated to subsidise student’s uniform and PE kit ensuring that all students are smartly and appropriately dressed.
  • A free mid-morning break, a healthy tuck and a bottle of water for every student was introduced supported by some of the PP funding
  • Some funds were spent on providing valuable off-site learning experiences, two residential placements (one to Wiltshire 6 days one to Surrey 4 days) and associated transport costs. Every year group has a curriculum related off site trip as part of their Personal Social and Health Education programme and there are numerous outings and sporting events taking place each term. It is these experiences that our most socially deprived students would not otherwise be able to access.
  • The rest of the funding has been allocated to providing additional staffing: This enabled students to after schools clubs in Art, Textiles, Drama and Football,Music lessons and drama therapy was provided for some students. Self-esteem and confidence can be developed through this age appropriate interest • Other styles of personal support were provided as relevant such as horticultural sessions. The school was open for 4 weeks of the school holidays and ran a holiday scheme in conjunction with the Youth Service. Over 50 BMS pupils accessed at least one week. The school is open every other Saturday during term time.
  • BMS pupils access Saturday Club. Both parents and the Local Authority welcome this provision which is the only secondary aged ASD Saturday club.

Pupil Premium 2015-16

Total Number on Roll187
Eligible for Pupil Premium99
Pupil Premium Grant (£)116,728
Looked After Children Grant (£)10,138

Objectives in spending PPG remain:

  • To support access to activities, events and overnight residential placements that students might not otherwise be able to access due to financial disadvantage
  • To provide laptops for home learning
  • Bespoke therapy in line with personalised budgets
  • Developing independence skills
  • To develop social communication skills
  • Provide a mid-morning snack and bottle of water for each pupil

The Leadership Team will:

  • Track the progress and attainment of those students in receipt of PPG and compare this to the rest of their cohort
  • Monitor and ensure good attendance
  • Identify appropriate additional interventions and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Record behavioural incidents for those on PP and compare to the rest of their cohort
  • Monitor parental attendance at parent’s evenings, annual reviews and events for those in receipt of PPG and engage effectively with those families

Our 10 Looked After Children receive additional specific funding enabling staff to attend regular reviews and providing them with reading support on a daily basis.

Pupil Premium Statement 2016-17

Total Number on Roll185
Eligible for Pupil Premium91
Pupil Premium Grant (£)108,850
Looked After Children Grant (£)5,065

Year 7 Catch Up Funding Download our document on funding here