What do we do?

We work collaboratively with professionals from other agencies in order to fully support our pupils both at school and at home. We work closely with Parents and carers in order to plan for and effectively meet every pupils needs. We are fully committed to the principles of Every Child Matters. We have established an exciting dynamic and proactive ASD support group to support parents, carers and other professionals in supporting ASD pupils. We are planning a programme of training and support aimed at our parents and carers in the main school. The Deputy Head Teacher (Mrs Robinson) has a responsibility for “Every Child Matters” and for co-ordinating the work for all of the above. We offer support and training for mainstream schools in the Borough, including the opportunity for mainstream staff to complete an SEN Placement at Bensham Manor

The Multi-Disciplinary Team

The School is supported by other professionals who contribute to the developmental and educational needs of the children and their families. These currently include two speech & language therapists who work part time, and an Educational Psychologist. The School works in partnership with Social and Health Services. The Deputy Head Teacher (Mrs Robinson) has a responsibility for “Every Child Matters” and for co-ordinating the work for all of the above. The Team aims to support children who attend Bensham Manor and their families with difficulties that may be impacting on the children’s learning and the families well-being.

Every Child Matters

The 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters are central to everything that is done at Bensham Manor School. At all times we are dedicated to safeguarding the pupils and promoting their welfare. We aim to provide an environment where they can:

• Be healthy

• Stay safe

• Enjoy and achieve

• Make a positive contribution

• Achieve economic well-being

To ensure these outcomes are met, the school has access to a range of professional agencies to support the pupils at various times during their school career. The agencies might be:

• Educational Psychologist

• Connexions

• CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service)

• Child and Disabilities Team

• Social Services

• School doctor and nurse

• Educational Welfare Service

We always try to build a close relationship between home and school to ensure information is shared and to solve any problems that might occur as quickly as possible. Parents are always encouraged to contact the school if they feel there is a problem they would like to discuss with the staff. The Form Tutors, Heads of Year, Senior Management Team are always happy to discuss any issues a parent might have. The Deputy Head is the designated officer for Child Protection and Looked After Children and should be contacted if there are any problems in these areas. There may be occasions when staff are concerned about a childs welfare and feel it necessary to make a referral to Social Services for help and support for that pupil. Referrals are always made by the Deputy Head, or in her absence, the Assistant Head. At all times the health, safety and well-being of that child remains paramount.