Pupil Outcomes

Bensham Manor students are celebrating another year of success. The year 11 learners worked really hard and overcame the difficult challenges thrown at them. They showed amazing resilience and never gave up, we are very proud of their achievements. As a result of their efforts they have achieved a wide range of accredited qualifications. This has enabled all of our students to go on to further education where they can continue to develop and further their knowledge and skills to prepare them for adult life.


  • 31 students achieved 405 qualifications in 12 subjects.
  • All year 11 students achieved at least 8 qualifications (a combination of functional skills and entry levels or a combination of functional skills, entry levels, BTEC’S and GCSE’s), including English, Maths Science, ICT, PE, Creative Media, and Art.
  • Top student achieved 19 qualifications4 GCSE’s, 4 level 1 qualifications, 2 functional skills and 9 entry levels.
  • Average GCSE grade per candidate 2.4
  • PP did just as well or slightly better than non PP students
  • FSM students made the most progress.
  • Boys did better than girls in GCSE results.
  • Year 11’s average progress was 3.06 levels.
  • 11 students passed English GCSE with an average point score of 1.8
  • 19 students passed Art GCSE with an average point score of 2.8
  • 15 students passed Textiles GCSE with an average point score of 2.7
  • 100% of students are continuing with their education or training at college or at our post 16 provision.
Progress 8 scores -1.64 (2019), -1.61 (2018), -1.67 (2017)
Attainment 8 scores 2.3 (2019), 1.2 (2018), 1.8 (2017)
% of pupils achieving a GCSE grade 9-4 in English and Maths0%
% of pupils achieving a GCSE grade 9-1 in English and Maths9%
% of pupils achieving a GCSE grade 9-1 in English35%
% of pupils achieving a GCSE grade 9-1 in Maths13%
% of Pupils achieving EBacc.0%
% Pupils continuing in education or training 100%

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