Key stage 4 Curriculum/Accreditation 2016/17

Bensham Manor School recognises that our learners have a range of learning styles and abilities in KS4. We have a developed a curriculum to meet the needs of each of our pupils offering them a learning opportunity that will meet their learning style, prepare them for College or Post 16 provision. Pupils have access to learning outside the classroom. Visits and offsite activities are incorporated into the curriculum by subject specialist teachers and the Duke of Edinburgh Co- ordinator.

Academic – Entry2/Entry3/GCSE

This programme will give the full opportunity for pupils to achieve GCSE/Entry Level qualifications where appropriate in all of the following subjects:

  • English- GCSE/Entry Level/Functional Skills
  • Maths- GCSE/Entry Level/Functional Skills
  • Science- GCSE/Entry Level
  • Art- GCSE/Entry Level
  • Film Studies -GCSE
  • Textiles GCSE/Entry Level
  • ICT -Entry Level/Functional Skills
  • Humanities-Entry level
  • PE-Entry Level
  • PSHE -Entry Level
  • Food Studies- Preparing for Work Pathway-Entry Level
  • Childcare- Independent Living Pathway-Entry Level
  • Jamie Oliver home Cooking Skills- Level1/2

Foundation Learning – Entry 2/Entry3

Within this programme the accredited subjects include:

  • English- Additional English Pathway/Entry Level/Functional Skills
  • Maths- Entry Level/ Functional Skills
  • Science-Entry Level
  • ICT-Entry Level
  • PE-Entry Level
  • Art-GCSE/Entry Level
  • Textiles-GCSE/Entry Level
  • Food Studies- Preparing for Work Pathway-Entry Level
  • Childcare- Independent Living Pathway-Entry Level

Pupils also achieve a Diploma in Skills for Independence and Work Entry 2. This course is built up of units, ending up with a portfolio of evidence. It is highly practical and involves units such as cooking, shopping skills, using public transport, health and hygiene, money skills, personal safety, horticulture, laundry making a product, enterprise and caring for pets as well as many others.  The course is assessed through practical and assignment based tasks. Previous pupils have enjoyed this course immensely and have grown in confidence whilst learning and underpinning a vast range of transferable skills.

Foundation Learning-  Class Based Group

This programme offers AQA units at P Levels/Entry/Level 1.

It is a highly practical course. The course is assessed by the teacher and evidence can be collected through photographs, video etc. A transcript is written to support the evidence of achievement. AQA Units cover many areas such as travelling, getting on with others, money, keeping safe, dealing with problems, local health services, reading skills, writing skills, number skills and many more.