Art – Year 10

In Years 10 and 11 at Bensham, pupils look at a number of different themes, each related and tailored to the course they are taking. Topics covered include the following.


Research a variety of approaches to the theme ‘Myself’ as seen in the work of one or more recognised artists who have used fine art techniques. Then produce a final piece.


  • Take photographs of face at different angles, trace main features, overlap, extend lines, paint using black, white and a colour
  • Take photographs of face, copy several times and base work on Hockney
  • Bring in photographs of family and friends to introduce into work
  • Introduce favourite objects, and interests e.g. music, food, T.V. to work
  • Consider cultural identity
  • Use pointillism to create self portrait
  • Cut photo in half and draw/paint other half
  • Tissue paper collage
  • Make large letters spelling out your name, decorate them and join them together to create a sculpture
  • Visit the National Portrait gallery

Artists to look at for inspiration:
David Hockney
Van Gogh
Frida Kahlo
Julian Opie
Chila Burman

Key words: Portrait, family, friends, identity,

Peter Blake : Self portrait badges 1961 


Select and analyse two different commercially designed items. Then produce at least two designs for chosen product /poster on a brief given by the teacher which will lead to a finished piece of work.


  • Look at different types of designs, discuss information found on designs
  • Collect different styles of font
  • Collect poster / adverts/bags/CD covers from magazines etc
  • Decide on a design brief and sketch out different ideas
  • Produce a final piece

Key words: font, poster,design information, graphics, illustration


Research a variety of approaches to the theme environment (rural / urban) and produce work which includes the development and refinement of ideas with reference to appropriate sources.


  • Look at and discuss a range of paintings etc on the subject, for example Andy Goldsworthy – rural environment, LS Lowry – urban environment.
  • Study Georgia O’Keefe’s flower paintings, make drawings of flowers and produce own piece of work.
  • Look at native or exotic trees – Margaret Mee / Karl Blossfeldt.
  • Look at the work of Hokussai and Hiroshige.
  • Develop work in response to a environmental issue, e.g. global warming/ pollution/ rainforest destruction/recycling.

Artists to look at for inspiration:
William Morris
Andy Goldsworthy
LS Lowry

Key words: Tessellation, pattern, texture.



Research a variety of approaches to the theme of animals and produce work which shows development and refinement of ideas and reference to appropriate sources.


  • Look at the representation of animals found in different cultures – Native North America, Australian aborigine, Japanese, Chinese, India and Egypt.
  • Look at Matisse’s ‘Snail’ and produce studies of animals using simplified shapes and colours.
  • Look at Escher’s tessellations and produce your own.
  • Collage work.
  • Look at the patterns in animal skins /fur.
  • Look at claws, feathers, shells and skin.

Artists to look at for inspiration:
Louis Wain
Franz Marc
Bernard Palissy.

Key Words: Tessellation, pattern, texture.


Ceremonies, Festivals and Celebrations

Research a variety of approaches to the theme of Ceremonies, festivals and celebrations and produce work which includes their development and refinement of ideas.


  • Look at the way masks and headdresses have been worn in ceremonies, celebrations, circuses or carnivals.
  • Research ceremonial or commemorative vessels from different cultures, e.g. Greece or Rome and produce their own commemorative vessel.
  • Design a poster combining image and text to advertise a festival of their own choice such as the Noting Hill carnival, Glastonbury, The Day of the Dead festival in Mexico or The Winter carnival in Venice.
  • Examine festivals and customs that are visually rich, colourful and exciting and produce work inspired by your research.

Places, pictures and artists to look at for inspiration:
Visit Hornimans museum
Chinese dragon masks
African spirit masks
Venetian carnival masks
Egyptian death masks
Red Indian ceremonial masks.

Buildings and Interiors

Research a variety of approaches to the theme of Buildings and Interiors and produce work which includes their development and refinement of ideas.


  • Photomontage of building pictures from around the world.
  • Take photographs of local buildings.
  • Discuss the purpose of different buildings – church / school / home /shops etc.
  • Look at the work of Gaudi and use natural objects to create your own designs.
  • Take as a starting point the view through an archway, window, or doorway and use the shapes they create.

Artists and Architects to look at for inspiration:
Patrick Caulfield
Antony Green
Frank Gehry

Key words: Doorway, arches, window, porch, gate moulding, courtyard, construction, texture, Sounds, echoes, temperature, scale, proportion, materials, angle, curve, shape.

Grand-Mosque Mali 
Frank Gehry Guggenheim-bilbao-jan05 

Colour and Pattern

Research a variety of approaches to the theme Colour and Pattern. Investigate work by one or more artists and produce a series of studies which will form the basis of the final piece.


  • Explore how colour can be used to express emotions in art.
  • Look for patterns found in nature such as the spirals found in seashells, fir cones and plants.
  • Everyday objects are used in Pop Art to create bright colourful repeat patterns.
  • Examine the colours and patterns used in buildings, for example, stained glass windows, mosaics and tiles.
  • Look at the geometric patterns found in Islamic art.
  • Try creating your own abstract patterns by using different blocks of colour.

Artists to look at for inspiration:
Andy Warhol
William Morris
Paul Klee
Edvard Munch
Peter Randall-Page

Key Words: tessellation, pattern, texture, colour, repeat, geometric.