Art – Year 9

Autumn Term – Life Events

This unit covers Line, tone, shape, form, space, collage, print making, digital media


  • Discuss emotions
  • Draw different expressions on face and write about ‘what makes me happy / sad ‘ etc
  • Talk about the use of colour to express emotions e.g. red – angry. Paint block colour and glue relevant emotion words to correct colour
  • Use relevant colour and tones of to describe how you are feeling
  • Look at ‘the scream’ Edvard Munch and discuss
  • Take digital photo of self screaming, cut out and place on paper, then paint to create personal representation of ‘the scream’,  ‘the kiss’ – Klimt, recreate and concentrate on developing patterns
  • Use 9/11 photos, war paintings and create own version using mixed media

Key Words: Emotion, happy, sad, angry, jealous, frightened.

Artist to look at for inspiration:

Dana Ellyn

Spring Term – Change Your Style

This Unit Covers; Line, colour, pattern, texture, shape, form, textiles.


  • Walk round school and take rubbings from different surfaces
  • Recreate rubbings using different pencil marks
  • Make a collage using rubbings
  • Look through windows and discuss what can be seen
  • Make up own view through window and then surround with window frame
  • Photomontage of building pictures from around the world
  • Take photographs of local buildings
  • Describe and draw own bedroom/ house
  • Feel different surfaces and describe textures (rough, smooth) can you see through them (transparent, translucent, opaque)
  • Discuss the purpose of different buildings – church / school / home /shops etc
  • Look at the work of Gaudi and use natural objects to create your own designs

Artists and information to look at for inspiration:

De Stijl
Art Deco
Art Nouveau
Tattoo and body adornment

Summer Term – Personal Places, Public Places

This unit will cover: Pattern, texture, shape, form, space, sculpture.


  • Look at and discuss sculptures and murals that are found in public
  • Discuss what kind of sculpture could be placed outside a library etc
  • Choose an area outside on the school premises and design an appropriate mural
  • Design a sculpture that could be placed above a classroom door to represent the subject taught e.g. art
  • Design and make a sculpture using willow for the school garden

Key Words: Mural, sculpture, statue, monument, 3-dimensional, 2-dimensional, environment, location.

Artists and objects to look at for inspiration:

Totem Poles