Year 7 – Autumn Term

Autumn Term – Self image

This unit covers; Line, tone, colour, texture, painting, collage, digital media, printing, mixed media


  • Cut photograph in ½ and complete by drawing /painting the other half.
  • Cut photograph into strips, arrange with spaces to elongate / warp.
  • Look in mirror and draw own face.
  • Use paper plate, cut out features and place correctly, add hair
  • Talk about symmetry in face.
  • Photomontage of faces cut from magazines
  • Discuss proportions: hand = length of face, ears =length from eyes to mouth Hand and foot prints
  • Silhouettes
  • Use of Family photographs
  • Face painting
  • Use of digital camera to take portrait
  • Clay portrait / mask
  • Collage using overlay of tissue paper
  • Collage their names with Bridget Riley background
  • Create poster about themselves
  • Trace A4 photo of self, transfer to paper then: paint, chalk / oil pastel, collage, ink & bleach
  • Printing using lino / poly block

Key Words; Identity, distinguishing features, personal history, symbolism, autobiography, moods, feelings, images, overlay, composition,  photomontage, digital imagining.

Artist to look at for inspiration:

David Hockney

Van Gogh

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