Computing and Digital Media


ICT is very important to the success of our students in a digital, inter-connected world. ICT is a discrete academic discipline but is also embedded in virtually every area of academic study, since the use of computer technologies have become essential skills. Additionally, computer technology has become an important tool in creative expression, supporting an exponential growth in the ability of artists, including musicians, gamers and filmmakers, to self-publish. The technologies explored will help pupils to improve their interaction with other students, as well as staff, by encouraging pupils to develop their broader communication and digital literacy skills in a variety of ways with a focus on software offered in the Google Suite. Students collaborate on projects in Google Classroom when completing their Black History Month presentation.

ICT, in particular the use of computers is engaging and motivating for many pupils. By using them in a supervised school setting, pupils are likely to become better at using them independently, at home and elsewhere, to structure their leisure time more enjoyably and appropriately, students complete many units with a focus on Online Safety. ICT can also encourage creativity and help pupils to take greater responsibility for their own learning. By becoming better able to plan and organise their ideas, they may find it easier to produce and present work of a high standard. This is evident in the Video making and Photography units completed by students in Yr. 10.

Children at Bensham Manor have access to a range of technologies in the classroom and around the school that supports their learning. Since 2019, the CDM department has offered a range of qualifications including Entry Level 2 and 3 in Ascentis Digital Media, this award enables students to focus on digital photography, digital music, audio and video software. This qualification promotes further knowledge of the creative arts. It breaks down barriers, which historically may have prevented students from progressing to the next level of learning. We offer Entry 2 and 3 in ICT Functional Skills which focuses on literacy, Email and Microsoft Word. Year 9, 10, 11 pupils have at least two lessons a week of Computing and Digital Media per week.