Childcare is taught in KS4 to all Year 10 and 11 pupils. The course contributes to the Independent Living Entry Level Pathway with the Welsh Board. The certificate comprises a range of units at either Entry 2 or Entry 3. The following units are studied and assessment is through observation, practical tasks and coursework assignments.

  • The Family – looking at different family structures and support which is available from statutory and voluntary agencies.
  • Contraception – looks at the different methods of contraception, their strengths, weaknesses and risks. We have visiting professionals in to school to provide specialised information.
  • Preparation for Pregnancy and Birth – acquiring knowledge and understanding of how to prepare for pregnancy and the development of the growing child.
  • Care of a New Baby – provides information on how to care for a newborn baby and the value of post-natal care for both mother and baby.
  • An Introduction to Childcare – looks at the different types and roles within childcare settings.

We work closely with outside professionals and also regularly visit the Childcare Department at John Ruskin College.