Drama at Bensham Manor gives students a creative voice, where they can have fun, work as part of a team, problem solve and develop their confidence and creative skills. Students are encouraged to be reflective in a supportive and meaningful way when developing original role plays and stories. In Drama we celebrate cultural diversity through movement, mime, music , narration and dance from different continents. Creativity is explored through pictures, poetry, beats, rhythms and sound. Students have space to devise original stand alone role plays through group collaboration and peer partnerships.

Drama is expressed and performed in different settings and areas around the school as well as outdoors and on the stage, this allows students the freedom to think and work in different environments and activate their imaginative skills.

We also offer opportunities for students to be creative by reimagining a story through development of their skills in theatre and film. We develop backstage and behind the scenes involvement as well as filming, costumes, props, sound and editing.

We work closely with the Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation, where students have the opportunity  to reinterpret Shakespeare with a modern twist in an accessible way.