Food Technology


Food Technology is a subject that most students here at Bensham Manor really look forward to and enjoy.  All classes from year 7 to year 11 have the opportunity to access and enjoy this essential subject.  It gives our students the chance to learn how to cook safely and independently. They can then demonstrate the skills that they have learnt and share their knowledge of Food Technology in their home environment.  They can also achieve accreditation towards their future studies and employment.

Food Technology lessons are in line with the National Curriculum. Lessons are adapted to address the individual needs of all our students, making it an accessible subject for all.  Our main aim is to cook a variety of dishes, using lots of different methods, introducing and using a wide range of equipment, sourcing of ingredients and making sure students understand healthy choices. Year 7 pupils cook their own lunch one day a week supported by two experienced chefs.

Hygiene and safety requirements are always reinforced to ensure the safety of students and that they are aware of the dangers of food poisoning.