Here at Bensham Manor School we openly encourage opportunities for Learning to take place outside the classroom. This can take a variety of forms including:

Off Site Activities :

Cultural Visits – Libraries, Museums, Art Galleries, Theatres

Historical / Geographical – Castles, Museums, Woodlands, Coast, Forest School

Foreign Language – Trips to France, the French Institute, French Café’s

Religious – Places of Worship

Sporting – Various sporting grounds, other schools, Swimming lessons

Careers – Visits to Local Colleges, Work experience employers, Local shopping trips, travel training opportunities

Residential – Jimmy’s Farm

We also have a large number of opportunities for learning outside the classroom opportunities within the school grounds. These include:


Horticulture and animal care

Drama Performances

Art Exhibition’s

Reading Sessions

 All subjects provide a range of opportunities for learners to learn outside of their classroom environment. We believe that every young person at Bensham Manor should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of their learning and personal development. We are a fully inclusive school and all activities are open to all pupils.

We encourage parents/carers to give suggestions