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‘Supportive, challenging, confidence building, entertaining, progressive and linked to life skills’ are some of the words our year 11 students used to describe their experience of being taught maths at Bensham Manor.

As maths teachers, our aim is for all our students to find a love of maths and learn the necessary skills needed so when they leave us they can be independent and confident in the community.

Our curriculum is written to be broad and progressive from the National Curriculum. It is adapted to meet the needs and ability of all our learners. We have carefully sequenced our curriculum so it builds upon what our students already know. We aim to explain mathematical concepts clearly, using resources and visuals to help deepen students understanding while making learning fun. We focus on the four key strands: number, measure, geometry and data handling. Alongside this, we have a big focus on our students making links between what they learn in the classroom to the outside world and take them into our local community regularly to grow confident in using maths in everyday life.