Physical Education

What is PE?

Physical Education at Bensham Manor involves learning new skills, techniques and strategies to compete at increasingly more challenging levels. Participation in activities benefits physical, mental and social well being and encourages the students to learn good habits and lead happy healthy lifestyles.

Why do we teach PE at Bensham?

PE is a core subject and is taught across both Key stages with an option for Sports Leadership PE in Key Stage 4. We focus on the concepts of connection, teamwork, communication, fairness, respect and resilience. We educate the students on how to maintain healthy lifestyles so that they can make informed decisions on their health as adults. We encourage the students to experience the joy of progressing in areas of skill as well as the benefits that come from being part of a team, which is why opportunities to represent the school are made available to every pupil, every year. We give the students opportunities for competitive situations within our community and beyond to enhance an outward looking experience and a desire for self-improvement.

PE teaching at Bensham?

All pupils have 2 hours of PE a week. 

We use a variety of different sports and activities, to encourage the students to learn and develop new skills. A spiral approach ensures that planning builds upon prior learning to try and avoid gaps. These are then employed in increasingly challenging situations, appropriate to ability, to allow the students to apply their skills and knowledge. Team games give the students the opportunity to work with others and where possible take on leadership roles empowering them to experience the role of leader. We remain mindful that there may be some students that excel in a specific sport or sports who may need additional challenges. 

How does PE change at KS4?

In KS4 there is an increased expectation for students to be more independent and for them to develop leadership skills. Students will be given opportunities to lead activities both at the school e.g. running lunchtime clubs and activities for younger pupils and for pupils to help in running events off-site that involve other schools e.g. officiating at the Surrey Special Schools Unihoc tournament. The students will learn how to use fitness equipment safely, encouraging them to maintain good health after they leave Bensham.