Religious Studies

Religious Education the main aim of Religious Education is to encourage respect for all beliefs and cultures as well as helping to promote the pupils’ spiritual, moral, physical and cultural development. The teaching of RE helps pupils to learn from religion as well as learning about religion. The syllabus and work is based on aspects of the locally agreed syllabus, which is adapted to meet the needs of the pupils within the school. Pupils in both Key Stages 3 and 4 are timetabled for 1 lesson a week. 

We also make pupils aware of how their studies in Religious Education directly impacts on improving their literacy, numeracy and other work related skills. This continual reinforcement of the relevance of the subject to their lives can help motivate pupils and increase their chances of success both in and out the classrooms.

A multi-sensory education is key to our pupils’ success. This principle is core to our planning and a key reason why regular visits are arranged. Visits to curriculum relevant places of worship help our pupils engage with, and internalise, knowledge and skills their studies can impart.

From year 8 onwards most pupils will study topics from part of WJEC Entry Pathways qualification in Humanities. The pupils work in class, both written and oral, is continually assessed and used as evidence to prove their attainment.