In the science department, we offer a broad, balanced, inclusive curriculum to suit the needs of all our learners. The differentiated curriculum has been designed around the academic and individual needs of the students. We plan to enthuse, excite, challenge and engage our students with a hands on practical approach. Learners are encouraged to think about and understand the world around them, we want them to be curious, wonder and question. We use real life scenarios to help students learn through questioning, demonstrations, modelling, discussion, problem solving, role play, collaborative learning and individual work.

The aim for our students is to have a lifelong interest in science, become independent learners with enquiring minds and help them to lead meaningful and productive lives in a rapidly changing world. The curriculum is regularly adapted and developed to enrich learning for all students. Learning outside the classroom is encouraged wherever possible alongside working scientifically to help bring science alive. Students are encouraged to make mistakes and to learn from them, they are supported to take risks with their learning and build resilience. 

Staff support learners to become effective participators and assessors regularly reflecting on their learning and thought processes. We want all students to reach their full potential valuing diversity and differences. Students are provided with formative and summative feedback to help them identify areas to develop and progress further. When setting targets students’ academic and individual needs are taken into account. Progress is monitored closely and suitable intervention is identified early. Day to day planning is informed by teaching and learning in the classroom which in turn informs the curriculum.

(The national curriculum followed is the English national curriculum)

Curriculum Maps

Year GroupLink
Year 7 Route 1Open
Year 7 Route 2
Year 8 Route 1Open
Year 8 Route 2Open
Year 9Open
Year 10 Entry LevelOpen
Year 10 BiologyOpen
Year 11 Entry LevelOpen
Year 11 BiologyOpen
Science Pathways