Drama Inspiring young actors and actresses

Drama at Bensham Manor School is an integral part of our student’s development. Not only do we strive to improve all aspects of their communication, but through drama we also develop their awareness about the world in which they live.

Taking a holistic approach and focusing on all our students’ different needs and abilities, drama is the perfect platform for pupils to follow practical instructions, improve listening and understanding skills and develop a strong team ethic as we improvise, rehearse and perform together.

Drama is an inclusive subject, which incorporates movement, imaginative play, sensory experiences and problem solving skills. The overriding theme of any drama lesson is to improve the level at which our students communicate and convey their thoughts and feelings. Evidence of this can be seen in small “in house” productions as well as our large-scale performances that can be enjoyed by family and friends.

At Bensham Manor we view drama as a “confidence building” area that we take great pride in. Not only do we instil in our young people the ability to perform on a stage, but also teach them to understand the roles of stage crew, prop making, costume design and technical support.

Over the last few years, Bensham Manor students and staff have played a significant role in the nationwide Shakespeare in Schools initiative staging productions of Romeo and Juliet, King Lear and Midsummers Night’s Dream. These have been staged at school and transferred to professional local theatres. Due to Ms Ejueyitchie’s innovative work in this area she has been asked to take a London-wide role advising other special schools.

We hope to continue to build our drama department and expose our students to professional theatre, artists and live performance.

Drama is taught by Ms Ejueyitchie and ably assisted by our class TAs