Food Technology

Food Technology is taught by Mrs E.Mamattah as well as a few members of staff in the ASD Department.

Bensham Manor has a specialist teaching room for Food Technology.  It is a well-equipped and resourced subject with everything pupils require to be independent learners. Food Technology allows all learners to develop a range of skills in the selection, preparation and cooking of a variety of dishes.

All pupils follow a programme of study covering a diverse range of recipes.  The focus is to develop a range of practical skills whilst also embedding understanding of healthy eating, wise food shopping, seasonality and nutrition. A number of class based classes cook their own lunch one day a week after budgeting, planning the menu and shopping earlier in the week.

From Year 9 pupils follow accredited courses; “Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills (Level 1)” and entry level pathways.  These courses develop the foundation skills and encourage pupils to deepen their knowledge of seasonality and nutrition as well as improving their practical skills and learning how to economise when shopping and cooking.

Students in post 16 have timetabled Cookery lessons. These students prepare shopping lists, shop, cook and then serve and enjoy the food they make in these sessions.