Digital Media

For several years, ICT has been the cornerstone of some of the amazing work our pupils produce. It is always a popular subject and is taught by several members of staff to their own classes. Pupils are expected to integrate most practical aspects of ICT into their everyday subjects and the school has a fantastic range of equipment across the school, however, they also receive a dedicated lesson each week to help them hone their skills. With the new curriculum upon us, they will be expected to learn the basics of some of the more complex parts of ICT which will hopefully not dampen their enthusiasm! Every pupil has their own space on the school network, as well as an email account for receiving work and to learn effectively about communication.

Pupils are offered the latest in software as well as dedicated programs for many subjects, enabling them to express their creativity. Industry standard applications are primarily taught to help them prepare for moving on to college and indeed into employment. We are extremely proud of the facilities we offer to our pupils and staff alike.

Computing in the curriculum is overseen by Zehra Naqvi (Digital Media) and Angie Stagg (ICT) and supported by Cindy Mak, along with many of our Class based TAs. Our network is supported by our Network Co-Ordinator, Mr K.Pullar