We all use Mathematics every day. The potential to apply the skills of making comparisons, identifying differences, investigating relationships and establishing connections reflects the importance of Mathematics across the curriculum during the school years

We aim to create a balanced and challenging curriculum allowing pupils to achieve to the best of their ability. Pupils at Bensham Manor School follow a scheme of work based on the four attainment targets of the National Curriculum. These are using and applying Mathematics; number and algebra; shape, shape and measures, and handling data. These Attainment targets are closely cross referenced to the Objectives set out in the National Numeracy Strategy.

Pupils are assessed using a combination of summative and formative assessment. We aim to develop teaching and learning to embrace new thinking in Mathematics education. We see the use of new technologies as a highly effective and motivating means of delivering aspects of the curriculum. We use and continue to develop programmes of study which enable pupils to access Mathematics in a variety of ways, ensuring that pupils develop problem solving skills, thinking skills, and are able to apply their knowledge in a variety of situations.

We actively encourage the use of ICT in our mathematics lessons with a range of assessment and learning done online.

In years 9, 10 and 11 pupils sit functional skills exams according to their ability and at the end of Key Stage 4, all pupils sit the Entry Level Certificate in Adult Numeracy. Selected Pupils sit GCSE Mathematics.


Mathematics is lead by Wenna O’Brien (Head of Mathematics) and taught by A.Hodson as well as our many class based teachers.