Our Governing Body

The governing body works in partnership with the Headteacher to get the best possible education for the pupils at Bensham Manor School.
Governors at Bensham Manor School play an important part in the strategic management of the school.

The Governing Body is vital to our success

  • Governors make important decisions about school life
  • Governors’ decisions directly affect the education and well-being of children
  • Governors can really make a difference in improving standards throughout the school

Governors play an important part in improving our children’s education and supporting the staff here at the school. Caring about the school and its community is a prerequisite to joining the governing body and we are always looking to harness any skills and knowledge governors may have to benefit the strategic operation of the school and ultimately the education of our pupils.

Governors act as a team, the amount of time that each of them gives to the role will vary. We have 6 Governing Body meetings over three terms and all Governors serve on one or more of the committees.

We have three main committees with delegated powers to enable governors to have detailed discussion and make decisions.

  • The Achievement Committee holds the school to account for pupil achievement, especially pupil’s progress and closing the gap between different groups, the quality of teaching, behaviour and safety, and plans for improving communication with parents.
  • The Finance Committee makes major decisions about spending the school budget, the number of staff, premises and health and safety.
  • The Behaviour, Safety and Personnel Committee monitors how behaviour, health and safety is monitored and managed across the school. It also ensures staff have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to meet the needs of the pupils and there is continuing professional development in place.

Governors remain accountable for the strategic management of the school with key responsibilities of:

  • Establishing the ethos, vision and strategic direction of the school
  • Holding the headteacher to account for school effectiveness
  • Being accountable to parents and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring financial probity and value for money

Contacting the Governing Body

Governors can be contacted through the school office

Last year we remodelled our governing body and we are now made up of: two Parent Governors elected by the parents, two Staff Governors elected by the staff, the Headteacher, one Local Authority governor nominated by the local authority and appointed by the governing body and six Co-opted governors appointed by the governing body.