Our Post-16 Provision

About Us

Bensham Manor Post 16 provision is a one or 2 year provision for pupils who have complex learning needs and are not ready to transition from school to college. We are situated in the grounds of Bensham Manor School and can currently accommodate up to 16 students.  Our facilities consist of well–resourced areas including a food technology room, therapy rooms and a new life skills area named ‘The Hub’ by our students. All students have access to our multidisciplinary team, including speech and language, occupational, drama and music therapists and a school counsellor.

Our Aims

Our aim is to support and prepare students in the transition to life beyond school. We want them to be confident, independent and responsible young people who feel ready to make informed choices about their future. We offer a calm and supportive environment where the students are given the opportunity to build on their previous learning and success. They are encouraged to develop and apply their skills through real life experiences.  As part of this we offer opportunities to participate in a work experience placement weekly as we believe that this contributes towards the personal, academic and social developments of all students. It enables them to relate their work in school to the ‘real world’ and helps them gain an understanding of the wider society including industry and the local community. Students also attend a link course at a local college to prepare them for their next step.

Our Curriculum

We offer a personalised curriculum linked to their RARPA (recognising and recording progress achievement) goals and EHCP outcomes. Students will discuss and set goals termly for both academic and personal, social and independence targets. The academic targets for English and Maths are taken from ‘BKSB’ assessment package and is individualised to meet pupils’ needs. This allows the students to achieve Functional Skills qualifications at appropriate levels in English and Maths.

Values and Goals

The role of Post 16 is to support the transition from childhood to adulthood. Our focus is to help our students to become as self-sufficient as possible, from managing money to shopping, planning social activities to investigating how to access any support they may need. They develop skills for independent living, such as problem solving, decision making, risk management and communication.  Students gain practical experience of budgeting, shopping, preparing meals, carrying out housework, taking responsibility for their own personal care including healthy eating.

These skills are developed throughout the Post 16 curriculum but with an emphasis on our practical life skills sessions.

These include:

  • Planning, buying and cooking a meal.
  • Household chores, laundry, ironing, hoovering, making a bed etc.
  • Travelling on public transport including route planning.
  • Planning leisure activities.
  • Investigating social and health care.
  • Work experience.