Bensham Manor School has a full time School Counsellor, seeing 4-5 students a day Monday to Friday. The Counsellor holds a specialist level 7 qualification in Counselling Children and Young People, and is a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists,(bacp) always working within that association’s ethical framework. (This can be found at

Students are worked with on a one to one basis ,the number of sessions varying according to the student’s needs. Therapeutic plans are made for each student taking into account communication and learning styles and a variety of different modalities are used.

All students have the right to access the support of the Counselling service at Bensham Manor School, referrals may be made by the students class tutor, class TA or parents can contact class tutors with concerns and request that a referral be made, students themselves can request a referral if they feel that they need the support of the School Counsellor also.

The basic concept of Counselling is to facilitate the growth of self-awareness and how we fit into the world around us so that we can feel confident and comfortable within ourselves which in turn helps us to move forward in our lives and obtain our full potential.

Specific issues often worked with here at Bensham Manor include bereavement, health issues, friendship and other relationship issues, recognising and learning to talk about emotions, self-esteem, social interactions, anxiety and understanding anger and finding healthy ways to express it amongst many others.

If you have specific enquiries about counselling support at Bensham Manor you can contact the School Counsellor at;