About Bensham Manor School Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pupils Taught?

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with high quality accredited learning activities and experiences which are personalised to meet the individual needs of our pupils. Progress made by each pupil is carefully monitored and is used to inform future teaching and learning. In addition, some pupils participate in individual or small reading groups (with qualified therapists) We also run speech and language groups to support the development of specific skills which are acting as a barrier to learning and personal development.

What Provisions are Offered?

We offer a wide range of facilities for our pupils to use. We have a sensory room to stimulate pupils in our ASD department. Our two school halls offer both a meeting place and an assembly point where we can celebrate achievement together. Our lower hall is packed full of displays of our pupils excellent art work. We offer 2 I.T suites with the latest in computing to give our pupils the best possible experience. We have recently added some excellent sporting facilities including a fully featured gym with high quality equipment and a Multi Use Games Arena (M.U.G.A) in our front playground which has been used to great effect already. At the back of the school we have our own allotment with small animals to teach pupils how to look after animals and learn about our environment. We now offer an adventure playground with lots of stimulating equipment to compliment our other playgrounds where our pupils can run around and play. 

Is Work Experience Offered?

We are delighted to be able to offer work experience to the majority of our students. We work closely with a small number of companies and organisations to provide places for those that can manage them. 

How are Pupils Supported?

  • Every class group is taught by specialist class teachers who plan and deliver units of work with differentiated objectives that are assessed throughout the year.
  • Pupils who are class based due to their need for greater support have their programme planned by the class teacher with input from specialist teachers where relevant.
  • All programs are differentiated to meet each students individual needs and meet their learning style.
  • Every student’s tutor group has a tutor and dedicated teaching assistant. The teaching assistant accompanies the group throughout the day in order to support their learning and pastoral care.
  • If a pupil has needs related to more specific areas of their education such as spelling or reading, then he or she may have additional support – known as ‘ positive interventions’ from teaching assistants or teachers. The duration of the intervention varies and is reviewed regularly to determine the effectiveness of the intervention and to inform future planning.
  • Pupil progress data is reviewed each half term by the teacher and a member of the senior leadership team and will highlight any potential causes of concern in order for interventions to be planned.
  • Occasionally some students require additional support with social, emotional or mental health disabilities. In such instances, a referral will be made with your consent and forwarded to the most appropriate agency.  
  • An on-site speech and language and occupational therapists enhance the provision
  • The Deputy Head Teacher is the Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer responsible for Safeguarding and Child protection procedures.

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the school is as inclusive as possible and there is equality of provision.

Are there Practical Activities?

Students are able to develop practical skills in areas such as Food Technology, Horticulture, outdoor activities, Design Technology, Art and Pottery. Senior students attend link courses at local colleges. Great emphasis is placed upon pupils being involved in the community by visiting local shops and places of interest. By interacting and making transactions, they develop their independence skills. 

Do you have a School Uniform?

School Uniform plays an important part in the identity of our school. Decided upon by our school Council, our uniform is simple yet smart. We ask that all pupils wear Black Trousers, White shirt, Black Shoes (not Trainers) and a Blazer and Tie. The blazer should have the school logo on it and a school Tie. These are available in Velcro, Clip on and standard. Both of these items are available to purchase from the Main Office. We strive to ensure that all pupils are dressed appropriately.