Healthy Eating

Mini Quiche

As a Food Flagship School we are committed to helping our Students and their families to eat well and live better. This page will be updated every month with some new healthy recipes to use to add a lovely healthy option to your dinners. We hope you find some of them useful. 

Recipe of the Month

October 2020 – Mini Quiche. Mini quiches are great as part of your packed lunch, make a tasty snack or served with a salad or jacket potato, can be a meal. Recipe Provided by Phunky Foods

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Visit the Change4Life Website

Change 4 life is a fantastic website, setup by the NHS to provide useful tips and advice on how to help you live life a bit healthier and ensure that you are aware of what is in foods so you can make informed decisions.  

Visit the Phunky Foods Website

Many of our recipes are chosen from the Phunky Foods website as they provide healthy, easy to make meals that everyone can enjoy. Click on the image to visit their website.