Policy Library

Welcome to our Policy Library.  As with any school or organisation, we operate under a set of policies designed to ensure consistency, transparency and to aid us in delivering the best possible teaching and learning for our pupils. These Policies are listed here. These policies are updated regularly.

Name of PolicyLast UpdatedDownload Link
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy2023Download Here
Equalities Policy2023Download Here
Complaints Policy2023Download Here
Exam Policies2023Click Here
Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Policy2023Download Here
Parent Code of Conduct Policy2023Download Here
Uniform Policy2023Download Here
Literacy Policy2023Download Here
Attendance Policy2023Download Here
Lettings Policy2023Download Here
Relationships and Sex Education Policy2023Download Here
Visitors Privacy Notice Policy2023Download Here
Governors Privacy Notice Policy2023Download Here
Workforce Privacy Notice Policy2023Download Here
Parent Privacy Notice Policy2023Download Here
Privacy Notice for Older Pupils Policy2023Download Here
Medical Policy2022Download Here
Charging and Remission Policy2022Download Here
Staff Code of Conduct Policy2022Download Here
Admissions Policy2022Download Here
Respect for Religious Identity Croydon2022Download Here
Cookie Policy2022Download Here
CCTV Policy2022Download Here
Online Safety Policy2022Download Here
Political Impartiality Policy2022Download Here
Teaching and Learning Policy2022Download Here
Behaviour Policy2022Download Here
Drugs Policy2022Download Here
Intimate Care Policy2022Download Here
Learning Outside the Classroom Policy2022Download Here
FGM Policy2022Download Here
First Aid Policy2022Download Here
Anti-Bullying Policy2021Download Here
Data Protection Policy2021Download Here
Freedom of Information Policy2021Download Here
Data Breach Policy2021Download Here
Data Retention Policy2021Download Here
British Values and SMSC Statement2021Download Here
Covid-19 Policy2021Download Here
Medication Policy2020Download Here
Self Harm Policy2020Download Here
Covid-19 Policy - Annex to Early Help and Safeguarding PolicyApril 2020Download Here
Remote Learning Policy2020Download Here
Home-School Communication Policy2020Download Here
Educational Visits Policy2020Download Here