School Council Valuing Every Child's Opinion

Bensham Manor School holds the belief that successful education requires active participation from staff, students and governors of the school, parents and guardians in the home, and members of the community. We believe that effective relationships are promoted through consultation, collaboration and open communication.

The purpose of our student council is to encourage pupils to get involved in issues that concern them in and around school. It gives them the opportunity to make an active difference both in school and within the community. Students are given a platform to build on their leadership skills, focussing on listening to the views of their peers and making suggestions to improve the school. Discussions and decisions help to inform improvements to the school environment and the learning at Bensham Manor. The student council is overseen by the lead PSHCE teacher Aisha Khan. It draws representatives from Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. On a half termly basis (as a minimum), the student council will usually meet (prior to Covid) to discuss opportunities for improvement, student support, the community and extra-curricular provision in the school. The student council team take pride in their work and are always happy to hear suggestions.

School Council is about representing the school. There are a number of responsibilities.
The aim of the school council is to help children and young people to:
– Enjoy and feel empowered by their education.
– To feel that the school responds to their needs and views.
– To have a say about decisions and to play an active role in making Bensham Manor School a better place.
– To develop life skills through participation. 
– To build leadership skills.
– To actively work towards making a difference.