School Council Valuing Every childs opinion

At Bensham Manor school we value the ‘voice of our pupils’. Their views and opinions are important in making Bensham Manor the best it can be, providing a fun, safe and memorable learning experience for all! The School Council have been successful in implementing many positive changes….. uniform, lunch time and after school clubs, discos, gym floor, MUGA,  duty monitors… and many more.

The school council is made up with a cross section of pupils that were elected to represent their year group and the school.We work together, listen, research and put forward ideas that our pupils feel would make our school a better place. We also have a suggestion box placed in the reception area, providing every pupil the opportunity to put forward their ideas.Meetings are held monthly and we are so proud of the dedication, passion and hard work displayed by all of our reps.

This is a very important role for our pupils as they are the voice of our school and this gives them the opportunity to represent Bensham Manor and play a vital role in the future of the school.

School Council is about representing your year group. You have a lot of responsibilities.
The effects about school council is to help children and young people to:
– Enjoy and feel empowered by their education.
– To feel that our school responds to our needs and views.
– To have a say about decisions and to play an active role in making our school a better place.
– To develop life skills through participation.

A Speech written by our former President Lloyd