Therapy Resources

Useful Websites

Name of ResourceDescription (If needed)Link
The elephant in the roomExcerpt from “Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers”Open
A closer look at a helpful bookA short piece about dealing with deathOpen
SPELD South AustraliaThis website contains handouts and webinars aimed at parents. The topics are Specific Learning Difficulties (inlcuding dyslexia, dyscalculia etc). Open
CookABILITY Videos This website contains accessible, easy-to-follow cooking videos made by and for people with learning disabilities. This can be used to support cooking and following recipes with your child at home. Open
Making money easierFree finance guides aimed at supporting people with learning disabilities. Topics form opening a bank account to insurance. You can use this to go through with your child. Open
Mencap Support: Employment Mencap has an advice line as well as guides to support people with learning disabilities to access employment. Open
Handy HandoutsThis website contains a bank of handouts in the areas of speech language and communication needs. Here you can search common topics in this area and find a brief handout with information in this area. Open
Mindfulness LibraryThis website contains lots of links for different types of mindfulness practices you can explore with your children. Open
Everyday Speech VideosThis YouTube channel contains lots of different videos about social communication. You can watch these videos and discuss their content and children can use these as a model for them to practice. Open
Challenging Behaviour FoundationThis website contains a broad range of information and guidance about challenging behaviour and connected issues, including information sheets, FAQs, packs, templates and DVDs. There is also a family support service (contactable via email or phone) run by families to support. Open
Parent Channel T.V These videos are designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children aged 0-19, addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, Open
Family Lives Family Lives is a charity that provides a helpline, live chat and email support. They also offer tailored support around issues such as bullying, special educational needs, and support for specific communities.Open
ContactContact is a charity for families with disabled children. Open
Kooth Kooth is an online space where young people can access counselling for free.Open
Visual Supports Learning Links and TemplatesThis website contains information and resources to make and use visual supports.Open


Name of ResourceDescription (If needed)Link
Stories Online For Autism (SOFA)
(Available in the google play and apple app store)
Stories Online For Autism (SOFA) is an app that's been co-developed with the autism community to support writing stories to help autistic children.Open
Read it App
(Available in the Windows App Store)
If you find any word hard to read.
• Just click on it.
• And it will be read aloud.

Social Emotional / Mental Health

Name of ResourceDescription (If needed)Link
NSPCCHelpful for parents/carers regarding relationships and consent:Open
DramatherapyBritish association of Dramatherapists for more info about dramatherapy:Open
Beacon house resources for parent / carersOpen
Online gaming support for parentsOpen
Mental health support for parents/carers and young peopleOpen
NHS mental health servicesOpen
NHS audio support for mental healthOpen
NHS exercise guidanceOpen
NHS sleep and tirednessOpen
NHS healthy eating and drinkingOpen
NHS breathing exercises for stressOpen
Childline support for young peopleOpen
Childline calm box toolkitOpen
CAMHS resources for young peopleOpen
Anna Freud Centre self care for young peopleOpen
Mental health foundation on looking after your mental healthOpen
Bernados managing moodOpen
Bernados managing family calmness and mindfulnessOpen
Bernados parents supporting anxietyOpen

Resources for Grief

Name of ResourceDescription (If needed)Link
Supporting bereaved children
after the death of a sibling or Parent
Child Bereavement
Umbrella organisation signposting to support.
Live chat and resources on site.
If you find any word hard to read.
• Just click on it.
• And it will be read aloud.
Hope AgainThis is the child
section of the bereavement CRUSE, which offers
Counselling after bereavement. Site features videos
of young people telling their own stories of
grieving, the message stated on the site
"Your story could be someone else’s survival guide”
Young MindsOpen
Nelson's JourneyA charity based in Norfolk
but it has some useful resources on it’s website
including downloadable info sheets on how to make a
memory box, a memory book and other activity sheets
on ways to remember a loved one who has died.
The Listening GearWoodside bereavement
services website with resources and information.


Name of ResourceDescription (If needed)Link
Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers -
Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine - Diana CrosbyAn activity
book for younger teenagers to help work through
What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? -
Trevor Romain
Child friendly approach to questions
your child may have about death