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From our Staff - 14th May

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5th May 2020

Here are some fantastic examples of work and comments that Bensham Manor students have been doing during the lockdown and sharing with us.  They have bought lots of smiles and joy for us during this time. We are so proud of our student’s attitudes and achievements during lockdown. We thought it would be really lovely to share with the Bensham Manor School community. We would also like to thank parents who have been working very hard at home and doing a fantastic job home-schooling. We hope to see you all back at school very soon.

Poems by our Pupils

Free School Meals Update

If your financial situation has changed due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak then you may now be entitled to free school meals.
Please visit and search free school meals for more information.
If your entitlement has changed and you are now entitled to free school meals please let us know at [email protected]

  • The next few weeks are going to be a difficult time for you all. We take the safeguarding of our pupils seriously and this includes those that are staying at home during this period. Staff will be in phone contact on a regular basis to check in with pupils and their families. If you have a safeguarding concern then please contact school direct or email using

    [email protected]

    There are some useful links on the right for Safeguarding and a recommended structure for all those undertaking the school day outside the building.

  • Every pupil at Bensham Manor School has access to email and links to online learning services, primarily accessed through

    More information can be found in our E-Learning at Bensham Manor Letter, attached opposite. If you find you encounter an issue with a login, please email

    [email protected]

    stating your childs name and the site they were having difficulty with and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. We will update the homepage with more links as they become available. Please note that many links provided may only work if your child is logged in using their email.