A Message from the School

(Update: 3rd April 2020)

Please download the new letter from our new Headteacher from the link below. 

(Update: 27th March 2020)

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Parents and Carers in keeping Bensham Manor pupils at home, we are announcing that the School will be closed from  4p.m on Friday 27th March to all pupils and staff until further notice.

We would like to thank everyone involved in ensuring the school can close its doors, thus protecting all of our community and enabling everyone to remain safe and follow government guidelines during this unprecedented time.

The school will remain closed during the Easter break as previously notified but the school will provide updates via this website and Kidwizz during this period so please do check back regularly. If you have any queries please contact the school at [email protected] or via Kidwizz. 

Please keep safe and well.

Fiona Robinson 

Pupils who receive Free School Meals

UPDATE: 7th April 2020 – All Parents eligible should now have received a QR code which can now be used in stores. 

For all other information please see Original Message below.

Dear Parents,

The DFE has introduced a voucher scheme for parents whose children receive free school meals. The voucher is an E-Voucher and can only be used online. This is a DFE scheme and therefore the school does not have control over this. All parents who have children on Free School Meals should have received an email yesterday with their unique E-voucher code which is valid for 1 year from the 4th April 2020.

The school is aware there are not many delivery slots for parents to shop online, but the DFE have stated that supermarkets will be opening up more delivery slots in due course. Parents can try and use their voucher code in store but its not guaranteed to work as it is a E-Voucher.

Many thanks  
Bensham Manor School

Please remember the voucher is valid from 04.04.2020 to 04.04.2021.

Safeguarding during the next few weeks

The next few weeks are going to be a difficult time for you all. We take the safeguarding of our pupils seriously and this includes those that are staying at home during this period. Staff will be in phone contact on a regular basis to check in with pupils and their families. If you have a safeguarding concern then please contact school direct or email using

[email protected]

There are some useful links on the right for Safeguarding and a recommended structure for all those undertaking the school day outside the building.


Every pupil at Bensham Manor School has access to email and links to online learning services, primarily accessed through


More information can be found in our E-Learning at Bensham Manor Letter, attached opposite. If you find you encounter an issue with a login, please email

[email protected]

stating your childs name and the site they were having difficulty with and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. We will update the bensham.net homepage with more links as they become available. Please note that many links provided may only work if your child is logged in using their @bensham.net email.