Please see our Lettings Policy above for pricing

Bensham Manor School are now providing lettings services. Bensham Manor School has the following facilities to let:
– A Football MUGA
– A Basketball MUGA
– A gym hall
– Classrooms for small sessions
– A large hall 
– A small adult gym
– Food tech classroom
– Car park
At the following times:
Monday to Friday – lettings available from 3.30pm- 6pm
Saturday – lettings available from 9am until 6pm. Later events will require advance notice in order to arrange staff.
Sundays – 10am until 5pm Advance notice needed to arrange staff.
We are letting these facilities out for sports competitions or training, birthday parties, small tutoring sessions. 
For lettings enquiries please contact our School Business Manager Mrs. Nikita Rajagopal via email:
Please note: Lettings arrangements must be made 2 weeks before the event takes place. All companies must have their own public liability insurance and Covid secure health and safety risk assessments and policies. Please note: Those who hire the building are responsible for cleaning the area they use and also responsible for any damages caused.
Payments for lettings must be paid via a Bank Transfer.
Any bookings made and then cancelled before the date of booking will result in only half of the lettings cost being refunded.